What our clients say

Chase Belgrave

Deloris Evans

I was introduced to Chase Belgrave by an online expat community portal. David Simmons is a wonderful advisor who is extremely patient and knowledgeable, which are crucial traits when moving money, thus it has been a tremendous pleasure to have him assigned to me! Despite the time difference, he sent me weekly updates and answered my emails immediately. The entire interaction with David was excellent, and I will keep in touch with him for any future needs or inquiries. Without a doubt, I'd suggest him!
Chase Belgrave

Tara Archibald Huntingdon

I was introduced to Justin through a work colleague who had undertaken a savings plan with him many years ago with apparent success. He managed to find me a portfolio of fixed return and fixed maturity Investments that will exceed inflation as it is now and give me peace of mind and an income for two years (this was over two years ago and I've continued on). Now I can concentrate on my job rather than my finances which was always the point anyway. I'm so glad I found him
Chase Belgrave

Jessie Burton

When I was having difficulty receiving a pension, I filled out an internet form and was called by Simon Cunningham of Chase Belgrave. Simon is responsible for the first pension payment I'm about to get, and I couldn't have done it without his assistance. For me, business efficiency is hit or miss, with emails being unanswered, phone calls not returned, and no flow or continuity to any transactions. Simon's model is diametrically opposed. Emails are replied within an hour, and typically a follow-up contact is placed to confirm clarity. I doubt you'd find a friendlier or more knowledgeable person to talk to about collecting a pension that's roughly 20 years older than Simon. I have no difficulty in recommending both Simon and Chase Belgrave, having met numerous persons with pension issues. Thank you, Simon, and I wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings. If he is your pension contact, you are quite fortunate. If there were simply a 6-star rating.